mySugr is a market leader and trusted voice in the diabetes digital health space. Our founders and leadership team are usually available for print and broadcast interviews.


Locations:EU: Vienna, Austria
US: Encinitas, CA
CEO:Frank Westermann
Company Size:40+ FTE's
Users:over 1,000,000

The most common mistake made about mySugr is incorrect capitalization of our name. It is mySugr (not MySugr, not Mysugr, not mysugr). mySugr. Please get this right. It’s important to us, and it should be important to you, too.

Need some tips for writing about diabetes in general? We can help with that, too.

10 Tips for Writing About Diabetes by Fredrik Debong, mySugr Co-founder.

Press Releases


Healthtech Summit 2019

mySugr Wins Tech Tour 2019 Digital Health Award


ADA 2019

mySugr Presents Blood Glucose Control Study Poster at 2019 ADA Scientific Sessions


mySugr brings Integrated Diabetes Management Solution to Montana

mySugr and Care Innovations launch program to manage diabetes populations in rural areas


Partnership with Novo Nordisk

Novo Nordisk’s connected pens will soon sync insulin data with mySugr


mySugr signs one of the largest German public health insurance companies

Partnership secures competitive advantage in Germany


mySugr partners with Care Innovations

Partnership enables health insurances and care providers in the U.S. and Canada to offer mySugr integrated diabetes management.


mySugr joins the Roche family

mySugr announces that partner Roche is now the exclusive shareholder of mySugr GmbH


mySugr and ProSciento

Study Demonstrates Clinically Significant Impact on Risk of Severe Hypoglycaemic Events


1,000,000 Users

mySugr Passes 1 Million Users


mySugr mHealth app

mySugr mHealth app has significant impact


mySugr Coaching

A personal diabetes educator at the tap of a finger


mySugr and Abbott

Enables direct data integration of mySugr and Abbott’s FreeStyle® Libre System


Clinical Studies by Profil Institute

Clinical value and health impact of mySugr's portfolio



mySugr Wins $2.2M in 7VPD Competition



$4.8 Million for Diabetes Startup mySugr


mySugr Academy

mySugr Academy: Online Training for Monster Tamers



Viennese startup snaps up over €1M in investment


mySugr Companion

Award winning mySugr Companion launches in the U.S.



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Frank Westermann

CEO, Co-founder

Frank’s personal frustration with traditional diabetes logbooks and the lack of great apps for diabetes led him to create mySugr. His studies in business administration and his background with startups in the tech industry have proven invaluable as he leads the company.

I’d like more people to have fun with their diabetes therapy!

Fredrik Debong

Head of Research & Development, Co-founder

Fredrik’s love for gaming and struggles to overcome diabetes burnout shape much of mySugr’s gamification and positive approach to improving diabetes therapy. His knowledge of computer science and experience from co-founding Pioneers makes him a valuable member of the team.

Work on a problem that really captivates you to help move the world in a positive direction.

Gerald Stangl

Design Director, Co-founder

Gerald has a natural talent for storytelling and has grown up working with design. His creative background is diverse, including clients like the Austrian Parliament, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nivea, Red Bull, and more. Now he’s responsible for product design and branding at mySugr.

I enjoy thinking of new ideas and bringing them to life!

Michael Forisch

Quality Management Director, Co-founder

Michael’s attention to perception and quality management has made him a recognized leader in the regulated medical app space. Michael brings an intense focus on precision and process improvement which encourages positive growth company-wide

Helping others improve their life is the strongest motivation I can think of.

Info Material

Media Contacts

Ilka Gdanietz

Communication Lead DACH

Ilka is a long-term diabetic (25+ years), a friend of all things Nutella, and an insulin pump user. As Communications Lead, DACH for mySugr, she handles all German language communication needs. An early member of the International diabetes social media space, she writes privately about her life experience at

Scott Johnson

Communication Lead US

Almost famous for his addiction to Diet Coke, Scott has lived with diabetes for over 36 years and is Communications Lead, USA for mySugr. He handles all English language communication needs. He's been active in the diabetes social media space for more than a decade and blogs privately at when time allows.